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Volvo S80 2006 - 2016
Volvo S80, 2006 - 2016
522RatingAverage car rating4.86% better than average rating of competitors (4.5)Review number: 22
11% better than average rating of competitors (4.3)8% better than average rating of competitors (4.4)12% better than average rating of competitors (4.1)12% better than average rating of competitors (4.3)2% worse than average rating of competitors (4.3)
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Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016
The Volvo S80 is a brand new car with significant improvements in every sense. The new S80 is built on the Ford EUCD platform along with other Ford models - the S-MAX, Mondeo and Galaxy, although these are very different models. The S80 has new 3.2 L 6-cylinder or 4.4 L V8 engines and can be all-wheel drive. The V8 has 316 hp and 440 Nm of torque. Developed in conjunction with Yamaha, this engine is one of the cleanest V8 engines in the world and was first introduced in the Volvo XC90. The interior of the S80 is considered one of the most comfortable in the entire car industry - the car is much more luxurious than the previous generation and boasts an atmosphere of "Scandinavian design". The car is undoubtedly renowned for its superior safety features - it is rated excellent for front, side and rear-end crashes and is better than its German or Japanese competitors. In addition to many common safety solutions, the car also offers a BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) system to help keep track of blind spots invisible to drivers, as well as a system that checks vehicles in front and alerts the driver if they get too close. All in all, it's an extremely safe, comfortable, solid and quite good-looking car, the only question is whether it will attract younger buyers, which Volvo has been struggling with lately.
It is the first Volvo car to have an Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Collision Warning and Automatic Braking (CWBS).
This Volvo s80 is also equipped with a V8 engine, which is considered one of the cleanest V8 engines in the world.
A version of the Volvo S80L with a 2976 mm wheelbase was produced and extended.
A special version of the Volvo S80 for the King of Sweden was produced.
Written by: | 2020-08-23
Discounted limousine for every Lithuanian. S80 T6
My rating My rating Recommended
Reliability My car reliability rating Performance My rating of the car engine and performance Build quality My rating for the build quality of the car Comfort My rating of the vehicle comfort Steering My rating for stability, driving control and car feeling on the road
Comfortable - soft suspension, and the most comfortable seats in the industry. There are options with a large number of toys. Arguably the safest car of the last decade. Already severely devalued.
AutomaticSteering - like a numb dog 5 foot. The car does not turn. Seats with absolutely no side support.s work as if swallowed. Poor sound insulation at the bottom. Squeaky and bending abscesses like 1998 Sharan.
Engine capacity, l: 3,0
Fuel Type:
Fuel consumption combined, mpg: 12,0
Car description
Hello. I came up with an idea to tell me about my fairly recently purchased car, and some of his brothers, who had to drive a test when I was shopping. Basically I will stick to the shortcomings, but it should not be forgotten that this car costs only from 4-5 thousand. euros. For such a price, it's hard to find something better. The option I bought was in 2008. S80 T6 with Bom?umm complete set. There are heated armchairs, keyless, rain sensor, but then navarotai and ending. So, I'll start: Ergonomics - almost ideal. Seats - like armchairs with a baby. The only drawback when sitting in the front - the seats seem too compressed towards the middle, so the leg rests on a solid center console. However, the space in the cabin is really little. Even for any B5 Passate its much more. For both legs and head, both front and rear. Comfort is really good. Rolls softly - unlike any E60, you won't get shaken from every hole. Even with fairly large rims. The gravel driven by the tractor handles just as well. Sure, it?s not the latest limousine with an adaptive chassis, but it?s really comfortable compared to the competition. However, the trip is somewhat reminiscent of a trampoline - the soft chassis bounces a lot. There is another big hook - meh sound insulation. The wind doesn't whistle, the rubber is good, but EVERYTHING is heard from the bottom. God bless the Chinese tires - you will go crazy and heat up. There are no double glazing in my model, the latter might improve the situation, but the main problem is not the wind noise. It is a pity that none of the tested S80 / V70 for some reason did not have such windows on the sides. Also, after dismantling the door - you can see that it is practically empty, so soon additional insulation will be glued. Despite 300 horses, the machine is able to swallow probably half the power. Moreover, already while driving, to press the gas if necessary, he gets lost as a ready-made aggressive friend, having received a loaf of bread while he was almost asleep. Breaking the turns reveals not only a blunt steering wheel and a turning body, but also the lack of baby armchairs - a non-existent lateral support. Have to rely on the door or center console. Fun fact - the rear seats hold up much better. Such a feeling that such a place BMW. Even E60 or F10 endplates ... Engine - T6 really not bad. The V8 has been heard live - it sounds impressive. Saying about the 5-cylinder 2.5T I also don't think so. Realistically, these 3 engines are the only ones out of maybe 30 that are suitable for this car. If the machine weren't like that, ehem, a Volvo, 3.2 would be fun enough too, but .. but it's at least reliable - it costs almost as much as the old 1.9 TDI. Climbs like Belarusians, spoils even more terrible. Just don't torture, forget the saliarka, buy petrol, put gas at the curves (the said engines are friends with them) and drive happy. However, contrary to what appears to bambalists and car surveyors, such a character is often just acceptable to ordinary mortals. Overall, the car is certainly not tragic, and there is no one in my environment who wouldn?t like it at all.
Reliability, running costs
It didn?t fall apart in a couple of months. So far, I can say so much.
Recommendations to buyers
Exclusively check the vending machine (nothing changes the oil in the box, after which trouble begins), the PCV system of petrol engines. And if you are considering buying diesel - see a doctor.
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